Operation ID: Mark Your Property

By Kelsie Fraser

The display of an Operation ID sticker can act as a strong theft deterrent to criminals. This is because they know that marked items can be positively identified by the owner.

Criminals are also aware that ‘fences’, or receivers of stolen property are reluctant to buy marked items, for the same reasons they are reluctant to sell them.

A criminal found in possession of marked stolen property gives additional evidence for police to charge them with possession of stolen property.

Getting started

Mark all valuable items with a number that is unique to your company (ex, a phone number) or company name. It would be best to have both name and number marked on the item.

If the equipment can be ordered with the number permanently stenciled or engraved by the manufacturer, that is the best option. If that’s not possible, an electric engraver or a security UV pen can be used to mark the items.

Once the items are marked, post decals on equipment storage units.


Tips to prevent crime

  • Even if you have marked your property for identification, keep a record of the serial numbers, make, and model of item
  • Use a high security lock with reinforced shackles or shackle covers to deter thieves from cutting it off with a bolt cutter
  • Do not leave tools unsecured in construction sites overnight
  • Do not leave building materials unsecured overnight
  • For maximum deterrence, the ID number should be non-removable and readily visible
  • Keep a record of what items are marked and where the mark is placed
  • Crime Prevention… It’s up to you!

    Operation Identification is only one step in preventing theft. Taking additional measures such as making sure there is good lighting and high security locks and other security precautions on the job site will help to further reduce crime.

    Operation Identification is designed to deter the theft of valuable items from your business. It will help to provide police with a way to easily identify stolen, or lost property and quickly return it back to the rightful owner.

    The Saskatoon Police Service encourages you to reduce your risk of loss by participating in Operation Identification.

    For more information on this crime prevention program, please contact:

    Saskatoon Police Service Community Liaison Unit:
    Cst. Hal Lam (306) 975-8032
    Cst. Kim Robson (306) 975-2265

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